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2008 Lake Henault Endurance Challenge
Endurance Leader Board



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How Long Can You Hang?
Are you up for the challenge?

Goals - To find out:
How many people out there enjoy endurance barefoot water skiing?
Who are the best endurance barefoot water skiers in the world?
Who is the best of the best?


  • Any start method is acceptable: step off, knee/wake board, or deep water. Time will begin when forward barefoot skiing position is attained.
  • Time will end when the handle is dropped from exhaustion or a crash.
  • Time will end when any part of the body other than your feet touch the water. This will be strictly enforced. Including hands.
  • Skier must hold handle with hands or feet. No harnesses can be used to supplement pull. At least one hand or one foot must be on the handle or in the toe strap at all times.
  • The time and date must be displayed on the screen at all times.
  • Glitches in the film will result in disqualification. Use a quality recorder.
  • Every entry form must be signed by you, your driver, and a witness.
  • Acceptable video formats are VHS, 8MM, miniDV
  • Video must be queued up to the start of submitted run.
  • Submit as many videos as you would like to help move your name up the list.

There are also other types of Endurance Barefooting events each year.  Stories from those events are listed below:

:  BarefootCentral.com reserves the right to change, or update, the rules of this contest and it's prizes at any time. Employees of BarefootCentral.com and their relatives are not eligible for prizes.  Anyone who is caught cheating will be automatically disqualified and will never be eligible to participate in any contests organized by BarefootCentral.com in the future.   The cheater's name will be posted on the site for all to see.  If the cheater happens to be a member of Team BarefootCentral.com, that member will automatically forfeit their membership and will never to allowed to join again.  So please don't cheat!!