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Before you purchase your next ski boat, take some time to watch how Sanger Boats can guarantee their hulls for life.  We've broken the tour down into segments so you can watch the parts that interest you the most.

1. Welcome to the Factory 13. The New Wake Air Tower
2. Why Sanger Uses Mercruiser 14. Custom Colors
3. Gel Coat 15. Sanger Upholstery
4. Lamination 16. More About Upholstery
5. Removing the Boat from the Mold 17. Sanger Offers More Variety
6. What Parts We Build in House 18. Product Development Lab
7. Prepping the Boat After it Comes Out of the Mold 19. Custom Platforms
8. Matching the Top to the Bottom 20. The Motor of the Future
9.  Sanger Does to Make the Boat More Durable 21. Sanger Machine Shop
10. Custom Tooling for Custom Parts 22. Stellings High Performance Division
11. Rigging 23. Conclusion - About Sanger's Founder
12. Aligning the Motor Sanger Thanks you for taking the time to tour the factory.