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Barefoot racing is the only event in barefooting where you work as a team to win.  Team members encourage one another during the race and must practice skiing together to be able to transition from one skier to another quickly.  Many races are won and lost during transitions.  The biggest unknown in every race is the weather.  But it's like show business. The race goes on no matter what the water conditions or the weather.  Smoother water results in high speeds and long runs, whereas white-caps result in a lot of face plants and many transitions.  The greatest thing about these races, other than the team aspect, is that you don't have to be a Pro-level skier to be successful.  Some of the best endurance footers don't even compete at the tournament level, but they can ski through the roughest water conditions imaginable.

In 2003, BarefootCentral.com started the BFC Racing Cup Series, which spawned an entirely new level of barefoot racer.  Teams started analyzing racing and developing new ways to speed up everything from the transitions to how fast the skiers could go.  10 years ago, it was uncommon to see someone skiing over 45mph.  Today, it's uncommon to see skiers at speeds less than 45-48mph.  Serious race teams train as hard as any footer that's training to win National, Worlds, or Footstock.  But instead of having one person to worry about, they have two make sure all 5 team members are up to snuff.

If you're not a serious racer, but opt more for the fun events, fear not.  There are plenty of "FUN" races popping up every year.  Race coordinators are constantly looking for ways to make their races fun for all participants, whether you be a serious racer, or just out to have some serious fun for the day.  If you've never experienced barefoot racing, make this year the year you jump in with both feet.  You won't regret it.  Until then, enjoy the stories and videos of races here on BarefootCentral.com